== Brand New British Battleship Branch: Era of the Dreadnought! == 22 marca 2016 - CYBIZ

Brand New British Battleship Branch: Era of the Dreadnought!

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The Dreadnought ship type dates back to the HMS Dreadnought built in 1905, with its distinctive all-big-gun armament being its most prominent feature. Running on steam turbines, the Dreadnought’s secondary artillery was removed and it was equipped with unified heavy caliber artillery accompanied by secondary armaments to defend against light ships. With heavier caliber artillery, the ship could carry out effective strikes in long-range sea battles. The revolutionary techniques used in creating the Dreadnought laid the foundations for modern battleships and established the blueprints for battleship design for the following 35 years, promoting continuously increasing firing range and ship speed as major design considerations.

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Brand New Mode: Scenario Mode

Introduction: In this mode, players take on the role of belligerents in classic naval battles and operate real war ships playing out a historical scenario.

Availability: 20:00-22:00 on Fridays, 15:00-17:00 on Sundays.

Entry Requirements: Maximum ship research level must be Lv5 or higher. Playable by groups of 2-3 players.

Rewards: Global EXP and Silver.

Event Name: Tokyo Express

Background: The US Navy and US Marines occupied an incomplete Japanese airport during the Guadalcanal campaign. Seabees (members of the US Naval Construction Forces) completed the construction and named it Henderson Field. The airport was used for holding large aircraft to suppress Japanese naval activities in the Solomon Islands. In response, Japan sent naval and ground forces to capture or destroy Henderson Field, leading to a seesaw battle between the US and Japan that lasted several months. During the battle, Japan deployed destroyers as transportation for troops and supplies. These ships were nicknamed “Rat Transportation” by Japan and the “Tokyo Express” by the US respectively.

Rules: The main task for the IJN is to escort AI-controlled transport squadrons to Guadalcanal. After landing, the transport squadron will automatically launch attacks on Henderson Field. The IJN will win if Henderson Field is destroyed. The main task for the U.S. Navy is to intercept the Japanese transport squadron and destroy their landing point, all while holding off the AI-controlled Japanese coastal defense artillery. The U.S. Navy will win if they defend Henderson Field until its construction is completed.

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Brand New Mode: VS Bots Mode
Introduction: Players will play against AI-controlled enemies in VS Bots mode. This mode is suitable for new players who want to get familiar with the game.

Entering Solo Mode: Players can choose VS Bots Mode via the combat list in the Main Menu.

[/b]Entrance Requirements: [/b] Players can only enter VS Bots Mode with Lv1-Lv3 ships. This mode is playable by groups of 2-3 players.

[/b]Rewards: [/b] VS Bots mode rewards will be the same as those earned in normal mode for the first 3 rounds each day. No rewards will be given thereafter.

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New Updated Boss: USS Helena

Background: The Helena was an improvement on the Brooklyn-class cruisers and belonged to the St. Louis-class light cruisers. It adopted new MK38 dual purpose rapid-firing guns instead of the previous L/25 5-inch guns as its secondary artillery. In 1941, during the Pearl Harbor incident, Helena was hit by a torpedo while berthed near the battleship Pennsylvania. In 1942, Helena underwent repairs and was mounted with a new type of SG radar and fire control system. On the 7th of October 1942, Helena, as a member of Task Force 64, detected the Japanese fleet in the Battle of Cape Esperance, which guaranteed the US its first win in a night battle at sea. In the Battle of Guadalcanal, Helena first located the Japanese fleet and later sank the Akatsuki destroyer. In July 1943’s Battle of Kula Gulf, Helena and its consort ship sank several Japanese destroyers together. However, the artillery fire emitted from Helena exposed her as being in range of Japanese long-lance torpedoes during the night. She was hit by three heavy torpedoes and sank.