Dear captains,

The server will be updated at 2am PST on Mar 7.

New events of March will be updated.

The following events are only available once for each account:

1. Destroyer Expert. Getting a tier 9 destroyer will obtain 250 qualifications.

2. Cruiser Expert. Getting a tier 10 heavy cruiser will obtain 250 qualifications.

3. Battleship Expert. Getting a tier 10 battleship will obtain 250 qualifications.

4. Aircraft Carrier Expert. Getting a tier 10 aircraft carrier will obtain 250 qualifications.

5. Submarine Expert. Getting a tier 9 submarine will obtain 250 qualifications.

6. Accumulative 7 days login will obtain the gold ship Ning Hai*1 and berthage*1.

7. Accumulative 30 days login will obtain the gold ship Jintsu*1 and berthage*1.

The following events are time limited:

1. From Mar. 2 to Mar.15, using USA ships to win two battles each day will obtain Adv. Smoke Bomb*5, Adv. Extinguisher*1 and Adv. Repair Kits*1.

2. From Mar. 23 to Apr. 5, sinking one enemy sub/aircraft carrier/destroyer each day will obtain 90 merits.

3. From Mar. 16 to Mar. 29, sinking 4 enemy battleships will obtain 90 merits.

4. From Mar. 30 to Apr. 12, shooting enemy ship by main artillery 50 times will get 90 merits.

Please login game to view other events.

Thank you!

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