Dear captains,

Steel Ocean will be updated to V6.49.2 at 1 am PST on Jan 21th.

Primary New Content:

1. New European transfer special line to reduce the ping data and lag for European players.

European players can choose the German-Proxy in the login interface, (at the left bottom) to connect the transfer line.

2. Commanders can be exchanged by qualification points.
Operation Way: Right click the not obtained commander in the gallery then choose qualification points to exchange.

Exchange any 4 star commander consumes 2500 qualification points

Exchange any 3 star commander consumes 1000 qualification points

Exchange any 2 star commander consumes 300 qualification points

Exchange any 1 star commander consumes 100 qualification points

3. Commander rarity reducing function

Operation Way: in the Promotion interface.

5 star commander reduces to 4 star will consume 4000000 silvers and return you 2000 qualification points

4 star commander reduces to 3 star will consume 1600000 silvers and return you 800 qualification points

3 star commander reduces to 2 star will consume 480000 silvers and return you 240 qualification points

2 star commander reduces to 1 star will consume 160000 silvers and return you 80 qualification points

Notice: The commander will only be able to reduce its original rarity and will not change the commander’s level and EXP.

Secondary New Content

1. New events, gift package and discounts.

Artillery training: From Jan 21 to 26, you will get 90 merits after using the main artillery 50 times to shoot enemy.

The king over the ocean: Works after Jan 21.

At 20:00-23:00 CST each day, using lv 9-10 ships to win 2 battles will get Adv. Smoke Bomb *5.

Monthly login: From Jan 22 to Feb 20.

Accumulative login days reaching 20 days will get the elite commander Koga Shinsuke.

Spectral Decay: From Jan 27 to Feb 9.

Accumulative damages reaching 10000 points each day will get 90 merits.

Monthly login: From Jan 22 to Mar 21.

Accumulative login days reaching 20 days will get the elite commander Matsuda Chiaki.


Reduce the upper limit of forming team to 3 players;

Reduce the upper limit aircraft carriers amount of each team to 1 ship;

Reduce the upper limit battleships amount of each team to 2 ships;

Reduce the upper limit subs amount of each team to 2 ships.

3. Add showing current season rewards into primary level 5V5 rank; close advanced level 5V5 rank.

4. Captain skill, Weakness Recognition, lasting time adds 15 seconds.

5. Ships match balancing and bug fix.

6. Optimizing client operating efficiency.


Limited Time Discount: (Ends on Jan 26)

Surcouf: full price 48800 golds; discount price 38800 golds.

North Carolina Plan I: full price 38800 golds; discount price 28800 golds.

Kitakami: full price 35800 golds; discount price 24800 golds.

Yugumo: full price 20800 golds; discount price 14800 golds.

New longtime packages, each account can only buy once for each one.

Basic commander package for destroyers: Reinhard von Musel*1, Kaspar Mass*1

Price: 9800 golds, saving 20200 golds

Basic commander package for subs: Joachim Schepke*1, Koga Shinsuke*1

Price: 9800 golds, saving 20200 golds

Basic commander package for aircraft carriers: Mark Mitscher*1, James Doolittle*1

Price: 6800 golds, saving 14200 golds

Basic commander package for battleships: Francois Darlan*1, Matsuda Chiaki*1

Price: 9800 golds, saving 20200 golds